Tyre Challenge Advanced Set

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For the ultimate outdoor experience, the Tyre Challenge Advanced Set includes everything needed to develop physical, coordination and social skills. Each size tyre has a different tread design. The tyres can be combined and interchanged feely for endless play and problem-solving opportunities individually and in groups. Children will enjoy stacking, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing and much more. The Turtle Covers for the Green Tyres have an arched design, which enables children to practice balancing and can be used independently of the tyres on a flat even surface. The Net Cover used with the Green Tyre has a soft rope design. The Push Bars are used with the Black Tyres. They are easily assembled and will not loosen, with non slip handles. Use the push bars to navigate and balance around the play area individually or as a team, experimenting with the number of tyres used. Set includes 4 black tyres, 3 green tyres, 2 Turtle covers for green tyre, 1 net/rope cover for green tyre, 6 yellow tyres, 3 convex and concave covers for yellow tyres, 2 L shaped push bars and 2 T shaped push bars (for use with black tyres).

Manufactured from LLDPE plastic which make our tryes durable, strong, and puncture proof. Tested to relevant safety standards

Overall dimensions (H x W):
Black tyres: 150 x 600 mm
Green tyres: 200 x 640 mm
Turtle balance cover for green tyre: 120 x 440 mm
Rope for green tyre: 25 x 444 mm Yellow tyres: 100 x 800 mm Convex/concave cover for yellow tyres: 70 x 680 mm
L push bar: 590 x 845 x 24 mm
T push bar: 845 x 865 x 25 mm

Age range: 3+

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