Outdoor Mark Marking

Outdoor mark making provides a multi-sensory experience. Children feel the textures, observe the vibrant colours, and engage with elements of nature. The environment becomes a canvas for young artists, promoting creativity and imagination. It inspires children to explore and experiment with colours, shapes, and patterns more expansive and unrestrictedly. It also fosters fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness, while nurturing imagination and self-expression.

Our selection of equipment includes themed boards and adjustable, mix-and-match easels for children to get creative. By interacting with natural elements, children freely experience the joy of creation. Without judgement, their drawings capture the unconventional shapes, colours, and patterns they uncover while nurturing imagination and self-expression. Furthermore, the resources allow young learners to explore and experiment with various tools and surfaces, to create their unique marks and designs. Children can use their creative skills on a large scale, showing a different dimension to their artistic ability.

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2 Sided Easel Sets
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3 Sided Easel Sets
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4 Sided Easel Sets
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6 Sided Easel Sets
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Alphabet Chalkboard Squares Set
Emotions Chalkboards
Flowers Chalkboards
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Make Your Own Easel Boards
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Make Your Own Easel Frames
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Number 1-100 Chalkboard Square Set
Numbers 1-20 Chalkboard Squares Set
Transport Chalkboards
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Our range of lightweight chalkboard designs are easy to attach to fences and walls. Children can go from doing their first scribbles to drawing what they see around them on any of our boards and easels. This supports their fine motor and creative skills. As they develop, the chalkboards encourage children to observe and draw the world around them, supporting cognitive growth. Facilitating this type of imaginative mark-making and drawing is important for both the physical and mental development of young children. Several children can use our easels at the same time, we have 4 sided easels so any class and group sizes can be catered for.