Early Years Outdoor Resources

A range of early years outdoor resources to suit children's individual needs and interests. From role-play and storage, to play gyms, kitchens and playhouses galore! Natural elements, such as sandpits, water tables, and gardens stimulate children's sensory exploration, nurturing curiosity and creativity. We understand the importance of outdoor play in a child's development and are here to provide you with a wide range of engaging and educational resources, designed specifically for young learners. With a keen focus on promoting self-directed play and hands-on learning, our products spur curiosity, imagination, movement, collaboration, problem-solving and more. Our commitment to quality, safety, and educational value ensures that you can confidently create an outdoor environment that supports the holistic development of children.

Shelters & Seating
Garden & Planting
Physical Development
Role Play
Mark Making
Sand & Water Play
Sensory Exploration

Profile has a wide selection of early years outdoor resources to cover many topics and activities. Children can discover and learn by engaging with sand and water play. They can also get active with our play gyms and activity centres. Children can relax in their own designated areas with shelters and seating. They can also use their imagination to have fun with our Outdoor Role Play items. Our resources encourage physical activity, enhancing gross motor skills. They also stimulate creativity and imagination through nature-based play. All our items bring the classroom outdoors, such as our Outdoor Learning Boards and mark making equipment.