Reservoir Water Set

With 4 different levels from top to bottom children will have great fun playing with this Water Reservoir Set. This is a great STEM activity as kids can experiment with the flow of water by opening and closing taps and observe the influence of different heights on water flow. Children will enjoy filling the buckets and ladles and transferring water into the reservoirs. Hollow balls and small boats will add to the fun as children observe the effect of water flow and gravity. Children will come to understand opposing ideas like floating and sinking, slow and fast, shallow and deep, as they play. Each reservoir has its own sluice that children can open and close to release or stop the water flow. 

This Reservoir Set is perfect for group play and social interaction skills will benefit as children pour, run, carry, and learn to co-operate whilst enjoying this fun sensory play experience. For extra play value this set is supplied with 6 small plastic boats, 5 hollow balls, 3 ladles and 3 buckets. Set includes 2 grey trays. Large blue tray not included. Reservoirs are made from polypropylene plastic with stainless steel adjustable legs. Channels are a combination of marine plywood and extremely strong polycarbonate tubing. Supplied flat packed with simple assembly instructions. 

Overall Dimensions: Floor space 3300 x 2600mm (as layout shown) 

Reservoirs are height adjustable (except the low reservoir) 

High Reservoir – H640 x W400 x D400mm 

Middle Reservoir – H500 x W400 x D400mm 

Low Reservoir – H360 x W400 x D400mm 

Ages 3+


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