Outdoor Music Boards with Stands

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These percussion instruments will provide children with lots of outdoor musical multi-sensory fun, using them will enhance children’s motor, cognitive and communication skills.

Posts and triangle supports are included with each board to aid in stability. Each board comes with: 2x Posts H1250 x W70 x D70mm & 4x Triangle supports H560 x W320 x D40mm and mallet. Units are free standing for mobility around the playground, but optional ground anchors (for soil / grass) are supplied for extra safety and for a permanent fixing. Pre-treated pinewood, plastic & metal.


Explore the different tones the cymbals make as they vibrate, from gently tapping to striking them.


Children will enjoy experimenting with the different sounds that can be made depending how hard you strike the gong.

Small Bells

The different sized bells will each create a different distinctive sound.

Ages 3+

Each H1250 x W900 x D720mm

Full Set H1250 x W2050 x D720mm

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