Transform outdoor spaces into engaging classrooms

26 April 2024  |  Admin

Transform outdoor spaces into engaging classrooms

We understand the importance of creating a dynamic learning environment that will inspire young students and encourage them to explore and discover the world around them. Outdoor classrooms are a great opportunity for children to develop essential skills, foster creativity and engage with nature. Check out a few tips on how to plan and create an outdoor classroom setting.


  1. Plan Your Space

Before committing to buying products, take some time to plan and design your outdoor classroom. Consider the layout, space, natural elements and how you’d like children to move and interact with the space.

We offer a wide range of outdoor furniture and resources, such as our Folding Table and Stackable Benches and storage solutions.

  1. Create Zones for Different Activities

Divide your classroom into zones to accommodate various learning activities that will offer different stimulation. Incorporate areas for sensory play, role play, gross motor skills, literacy and numeracy.

  1. Embrace Nature-Based Learning

Make use of the natural elements in your outdoor space to enhance learning experience. Encourage children to observe, investigate and interact with the environment, fostering a deeper connection to nature and promoting sustainability. Our Weather Station and Little Garden Range are just perfect for that.

  1. Promote Active Play and Physical Development

Add resources that promote active lifestyle and development of fine and gross motor skills, such as climbing frames, balance beams and games. Active play is crucial for the development of coordination, strength and spatial awareness.

  1. Facilitate Social and Emotional Development

Create spaces for social interaction and self-expression within your outdoor classroom. Encourage role-playing, problem-solving and teamwork activities, they promote important social and emotional skills that are essential for their development.


Outdoor classroom is a powerful tool for early years learning, as it creates a vibrant and exciting environment where children can explore and have fun while developing important life skills.

Don’t forget to check out our Outdoor Resources page to find the right products for your outdoor classroom.