Outdoor activities ideas for young children

3 January 2024  |  Admin

Outdoor activities ideas for young children

At a time where children seem to be spending more and more time indoors, the importance of encouraging outdoor play is crucial.

Outdoor play is both fun and beneficial for children and adults. Whether it be running around, playing in a sandbox or racing around on a bike or trike, exercise is vital in developing a child’s fine and gross motor skills. Keeping children active and introducing them to new situations is the best way to improve their confidence as they develop their own curiosity to life.

Keeping children entertained, engaged and aware of their surroundings can be challenging, to help we have listed some of our top Outdoor Activities ideas to keep your children active and interested!

Role playing is an important part of a child’s development. The unpredictable nature of what character a child will take an interest in is part of the fun. When roleplaying outdoors it opens a whole new world of different senses, imagination and ideas. With our Role Play House, children will have the best foundation to start kick start their roleplay adventure. Children can create their own world, even a fantasy adventure, imagining they are Kings, Queens, Knights or defending a Castle from a Dragon! 

For those kids that just can’t stop moving, an Outdoor Gym Set is the perfect energy release. Taking on an athletes mindset, children will be able to challenge themselves to different activities on the set. Testing their balance and cognitive skills, they can support one another whilst they climb, or time themselves to beat a personal best to complete the course! 

Some children aren’t naturally inclined to being adventurous and exploring the outdoors, but it doesn’t mean they should be kept away from the natural benefits of outdoor play. By just simply being outdoors, the fresh air and exposure is filled with health benefits. Our Make Your Own Easels are perfect to be brought outdoors for children to use and experience the fresh air, without feeling under pressure whilst being outside. Painting and drawing outside can have a soothing benefit and help children who get nervous with outdoor activity, to relax.

Long term outdoor projects can also have a positive impact of children’s well being and health, with unique items such as our Potting Shed, children will see the impact their care and attention can have in growing their own tasty fruit and veg. Their overall understanding of many subjects such as Geography & Science are enhanced, as well as their sense of responsibility for looking after others and the environment. Children will be so excited to track the progress of their plants from seed to flower each time they go outside.

There is an outdoor activity to suit every child, no matter their age, confidence or personality. Each day children can enjoy a different way to exercise, often without them realising. Overall, children benefit and learn more about themselves and others along the way in the great outdoors.

Profile offer a whole host of outdoor items suited to all spaces, with many items available with installation and with the guarantees and quality you’d expect. Check our our Early Years Outdoor Resources section.