WippSider and WippWalker offer a senso-motoric exercise system for balancing reactions and motoric control.
Active motoric playing exercises are combined with very high motivating aspects and simple to use. Both the WippSider and WippWalker are made of highly durable plastic.

By shifting his/her weight, the child will be able to “walk” with the WippWalker – but it is not easy, and small children will find it challenging. You “walk” by alternately putting your weight on one foot and simultaneously moving the WippWalker with the other.
Colour: Green

Maximum load: 120kg. Suitable for children aged 3+ years.

Other products shown are Wippsider (item code: 2181) and Therapy Top (item code: 2140).


Product Code
L520 x W125 x H90mm

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